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Expanding the main living space in a home can be done effectively with the right kind of renovations and the removal of non-structural walls. Whether this be done via the incorporation of sliding doors, open kitchens, outside areas, or the combination of multiple units, these methods create more efficient and spacious layouts that can truly change a home for the better – as can be seen from the Top 5 listings of our latest flyer (http://www.okay.com/en/newsletter).

Crafted out of two smaller units, the pictured apartment has been superbly transformed into a residential masterpiece that takes full advantage of breath-taking sea views and generous quantities of natural light. Exceptional high ceilings create a spacious feel that is further enhanced by the tactical employment of mirrors & tinted glass. The unit also boasts an additional storage closet, wine cellar, motorized window blinds and a TV mounted on to the master bedroom’s sliding wardrobe door. Switches, door handles and wires or all kept to a minimum to maintain the clean interior design.

Available for sale for HKD14.9M.